Während Filmhunde für gewöhnlich mit etwa 7 berentet werden, war Reginald … This is shown by his keeping score between Böck and Rex in the early episodes featuring the former. Age 12 years (age at death) old. Later, Höllerer keeps a running score of Böck's success against Rex - not a flattering result for the officer. A trained police dog, Rex (revealed in the Pilot to be registered as "Reginald von Ravenhorst") is the legitimate star of the show. Stockinger later features in a spin-off two season television series, Stockinger, featuring him at his new police department. He once smashed a door in with an ax just in time to save Alex's life after a murder suspect left Alex facedown and unconscious in a filling bathtub. One famous episode features Moser using Rex to resolve a hostage situation by telling him to creep up behind the criminal and "frighten him" (following Rex's earlier success at frightening Stockinger by jumping on him from behind).[5][6]. The resulting invective he uses towards the authorities responsible is caustic. Marco Terzani replaces Rivera as team leader in season 16. Koch is increasingly reluctant to help Moser with his work, although he is always told that this will be the last time. Dr Leo Graf is the forensic pathologist consulted by the detectives. Dr. Graf is the only character to remain for the entire Austrian production of the series. Rex ama molto recitare sul set, anche perché quando esegue bene gli esercizi, il commissario Moser gli offre di tanto in tanto di nascosto un pezzetto di wurstel. A trained police dog, Rex (revealed in the Pilot to be registered as Reginald von Ravenhorst) is the legitimate star of the show.Establishing shots frequently show him demonstrating a new trick - unlatching doors, pushing trolleys, pointing to drugs or corpses - which then turn out to … In one episode, Höllerer is taken hostage by a man with a bomb who forces him to drive away from a police blockade. Rex is very fond of horses and once fastened a rope to Alex's car so he could take the horse home. È in questa nuova città che Reginald ha iniziato l'addestramento che lo avrebbe trasformato in Rex. He is often used to stalk suspects, often with a GPS-type object attached to him so that the officers can keep track.[4]. He is introduced to them by Moser, who tells him, "I practically live on these". Anche se all'inizio Rex sembrava un po' spaesato da tutti quegli esercizi, alla fine questi si sono trasformati in un divertimento. Frequently, when a case hinges on the behaviour of a female witness or suspect, Stockinger gently tells Moser, "Richard, since your divorce, you've lost your touch with women". Mi piace: 2747. best dog ever! best dog ever! Rex seems to understand the Italian language quite easily. Reginald von Ravenhorst è nato il Germania il 1° giugno 1991 ad Ingolstadt. Die Serie wurde von 1994 bis 2004 in mehreren Staffeln mit drei unterschiedlichen Besetzungen gedreht. View the profiles of people named Reginald von Ravenhorst. He was an actor, known for Kommissar Rex (1994). In realtà, il cane è stato acquistato da una famiglia italiana, come ha scoperto Emilio Nessi. Reginald von Ravenhorst Podle některých se jedná patrně o nejznámějšího německého ovčáka . I contenuti della comunità sono disponibili sotto la licenza. Rex has to date been played by four dogs. Filippo Gori is Fabbri's boss who hates Rex when they first meet, and vows to eject him for being unauthorised. Of all the recurring characters in the series, Höllerer's accent is the thickest. Anni 2003 (sepolto nel cimitero dei cani famosi in Germania). Koch asks him what Rex does with it, to which Moser replies, "He washes it". He lives in the vicinity of Regensburg."[8]. The pair spend the night together, before starting their new jobs, without realising that they are both police officers. best dog ever! Generally found ensconced behind his desk working the phones, his face visibly falls whenever Moser and Stockinger (or, later, Brandtner and Böck) require him to do fieldwork. Gerhard Zemann is the only actor to appear as the same character throughout the long-running series. Reginald von Ravenhorst, Vienna. This is noticeable in the general lightening in the tone of the show from the initial episodes ("Diagnosis Murder" being a prime example) to ones with more light-hearted banter among the officers. Vidéo en mémoire de Reginald von Ravenhorst qui a jouer Rex dans la série allemande "Kommissar Rex". We are well acquainted with Herr Helmut Brossmann, the owner of the German shepherd Rex, who plays the title role. Hoffmann is portrayed as being very witty, outsmarting murderers. Reginald von Ravenhorst: Életrajzi adatok: Születési név: BJ: Született: 1991. június 1. 1991 se narodil v německém Ingolstadtu nejpopulárnější psí herec, Reginald von Ravenhorst, kterého známe z rakouského kriminálního seriálu, Komisař Rex, seriál případů oddělení vražd vídeňské policie. Viewers familiar with standard German will often have difficulty understanding his Viennese dialect. Apparently Hoffmann had studied forensic science under Graf, and the two men still seem to share a somewhat master-student relationship, with Hoffmann often deferring to Graf's judgement (where Brandtner and Moser had previously not always done so). Max is no longer seen or spoken of after Moser's death. A Facebookhoz csatlakozva tarthatod a kapcsolatot Reginald Von Ravenhorst nevű ismerősöddel és másokkal, akiket már ismersz. However, Brandtner succeeds in helping Rex out of his depression. Il a incarné Rex durant 4 saisons, de la saison 1 à la saison 4. Eventually, this exterior is broken down and the new team is invited to call him Leo - a sign of considerable familiarity in German or Austrian society. In addition to the three policemen, the office is staffed by a German Shepherd called Rex, the main star of the show, who functions variously as a cadaver dog, a sniffer dog (for both contraband and narcotics) and as another pair of eyes and ears for his team. Il commissario Rex Wiki è una comunità di FANDOM a proposito di TV. Kunz's background in statistics is also often the source of amusement, as he is seemingly able to deliver, from memory, obscure statistical information about the activities of criminals. A total of eighteen seasons were produced, the last airing in 2015, barring repeats. Prima di incontrare la strada del cinema, Reginald fa i primi passi nel mondo dell'addestramento. Der Hund wurde 1991 geboren und spielte Rex von 1993 bis 1999. Kommissar Rex, tal. Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germania There is also a considerable element of humour in Rex's activities. He tends to be used to man the phones during investigations, rather than on active duty. Reginald von Ravenhorst, Vienne. È stata una vera sorpresa per Reginald di trovarsi insieme a tanti cani da pastore tedesco simili a lui. Svoje první tréninkové hodiny strávil v Ingolstadtu, kde se narodil. As the series progresses, Koch's role alters to that of being a useful spy for Moser in certain situations where his team is too well-known. Cane / Pastore Tedesco Der erste Kommissar Rex wurde von Schäferhund Reginald von Ravenhorst gespielt. Nachdem er "in Pension" gegangen war, begleitete er seinen Nachfolger noch oft zum Drehgeschehen. As Moser's personal life improves, his sense of humour returns. Après 4 années de bons et loyaux services, il est remercié pour être remplacé par un acteur canin plus jeune. Böck and Rex share a rivalry, with Böck trying to outsmart Rex, but Rex wins nearly all the time. 1. The original team at the office consisted of Richard Moser, Ernst Stockinger and Peter Höllerer. To save the dog from being put down, Moser "adopted" him without ever completing any of the official paperwork. Il a débuté la série alors qu’il n’avait que 3 ans, et pesait 38 kilos. On occasion, he is found at the crime scene itself, however he is normally to be found in his pathology laboratory, and occasionally comes into the police office. Reginald von Ravenhorst und seine tierischen Kollegen. Nato a Another of Stockinger's idiosyncrasies is his constant references to surgery which has been performed on him - most likely for stomach ulcers. His snide remarks about Stockinger's files result in Höllerer telling him to read through them all (to which Koch responds that he's doing more work since he retired than he did when he worked). Reginald von Ravenhorst, Vienne. https://rex.fandom.com/it/wiki/Reginald_von_Ravenhorst?oldid=19102. Stocki's knowledge of women does not save him and Rex from being thrown out by Stocki's wife when he watches Rex and the dog howls for Moser. That said, he is capable of surprising speed when running and can also demonstrate driving skills on a par with other officers. Tobias Moretti mit Schäfer-Hund Reginald;von Ravenhorst , SAT.1-Serie;"Kommissar Rex" 1997, Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images Un altro esercizio difficile da eseguire, ma questo dal punto di vista palato, è stato quello del trasporto dei cornetti e dei panini al salame. However, he is also occasionally required to go undercover (once as a kitchen hand, another time as a stable hand and another as an entertainer in a street market), much to his chagrin. In these situations, he reveals himself to have a very clear head and to be capable of coping with even the most unusual situations that his partners get involved into. Filippo is Morini's fish. The original series is set in Vienna[2] and focuses on the three-man staff of an office of the Kriminalpolizei - the Austrian Criminal Police - specifically a Mordkommission (homicide unit). In season eleven, the action moves to Rome, with Inspector Lorenzo Fabbri taking charge of the dog. An ex-truck driver, Moser credits Max Koch with keeping him from a life of crime, at one point telling Koch that "I'd be on the wrong side of the law too, just like him", referring to a young pickpocket he has just chased through central Vienna. Moser befriended Rex whose former police trainer, Michael, was shot and killed by an escaping suspect. Mi piace: 2906. best dog ever! Reginald von Ravenhorst Zodiac Sign is Gemini, Ethnicity OTHER & religion Not Available.. Reginald von Ravenhorst Net Worth 2018. During a scene in which Koch claims that Moser "doesn't understand women at all now", Moser tells Koch, "Don't say that word. She is seen as a romantic interest for Fabbri, but Rex is opposed to this. Between 2012/13, Rex is played by Nicky. In Australia, Region 4 English-subtitled DVDs of Inspector Rex are currently available for the first sixteen seasons (labeled as fourteen in Australia; see Australian numbering). Morini constantly goads Martelli and Fabbri into coupling. German priest and choirmaster Georg Ratzinger, when asked if he ever watched television at the Vatican with his brother Pope Benedict XVI, stated that the brothers would watch Inspector Rex together, and were friends with the owner of the titular German Shepherd. Moser is also attempting to quit smoking, to improve his blood circulation. It is, in fact, advice from Koch which is responsible for solving many of the more baffling cases, as his insights into human psychology - particularly female psychology (something he often claims Moser has had no knowledge of since his divorce) - prove correct. He is replaced by Fritz Kunz. Moser, in contrast to his successors, is shown to be quite athletic, often performing acrobatic stunts while chasing suspects. Data di morte In the episode "A Man Alone" his partner is murdered. While occasional episodes were set in Austria, the series was scripted and filmed primarily in Italian from 2008 to the concluding 2015 season. Reginald von Ravenhorst, eredeti nevén BJ egy fajtatiszta német juhászkutya és színészkutya. 2,8 K J’aime. Una volta Rex, stufo di ripetere sempre la stessa scena, sparì con tutti i panini, ma fu soltanto un caso isolato, fu quasi un dispetto per far capire agli attori che era tempo di smetterla e che lui aveva fatto la sua parte e che se gli altri non studiavano meglio la loro parte, restavano senza pranzo. By the time Rex moves to Rome with Lorenzo Fabbri of the Italian police, Dr Graf still serves as Vienna's main forensic officer as seen in a Rex special as Rex and Fabbri return to Vienna to investigate a case there. Replacing Höllerer after the latter's retirement to care for his mother, Kunz has been drawn from the statistics section of the force. [citation needed]. Son remplaçant se nomme Rhett Butler, comme le héros d'Autant en emporte le vent. They have since followed the official lists, with season eleven labeled as season nine, season twelve as season ten and so on. For the 2008 revival, Rex is played by a dog named Henry. Rex has an uncanny penchant for ham rolls, or "Wurštsemm'ln" in the local dialect. Für den kanadisc… She is always looking for an opportunity to ensnare him. Alex Brandtner replaces Moser as team leader. With Moser, Rex reacts particularly badly to words like "frau" (woman) and, later, "tierarzt" (vet), as he disapproves of his master's attention to women. Uno degli esercizi più difficili per Rex fu quello di capire che poteva saltare attraverso un vetro (di zucchero caramellato) senza farsi male. Le premier à avoir incarné Rex était Reginald von Ravenhorst pendant les saisons 1 à 4. As Stockinger points out, it always is the last time… until the next request. Höllerer tends to take a co-ordinating role when an operation is being planned, rather than actually going undercover or making the arrest himself. Reginald von Ravenhorst je na Facebooku. He died in 2003 in Germany. Brandtner had lost his former dog, Arko, in an explosion and does not want to work with dogs again, until he meets Rex. Davanti agli incaricati per la selezione egli ha eseguito alcuni esercizi, ma soprattutto si è mostrato in tutta la sua mole e personalità degno di un vero Pastore Tedesco. Although all limited evidence points to Gori, Fabbri proves that he is not the culprit. In the second episode of season 14 (entitled "Amidst the Wolves") Fabbri dies in the explosion of a car during a trap prepared by a Mafia boss. He tells Richard and Höllerer they are his only friends and includes Rex as his friend as well. Ebben a menürészben megtalálod az eddigi 3 kutyáról a "tudnivalókat".Érdekesség, hogy mindegyik kutya Teresa Ann Miller kutya "farmjáról" került ki. Reginald von Ravenhorst, Vienna, Austria. Rex felügyelő) je rakúsko-nemecko-taliansky akčný kriminálny televízny seriál sledujúci príbehy mimoriadne nadaného policajného psa Rexa. It is unknown why he does not appear in season 16. While subtitles were used for most international markets, the series was dubbed in some countries, including France,[3] Greece, Italy and Spain. Initially he is very much out of place in the slightly freer atmosphere of Brandtner's office. Martelli takes this opportunity to enter his house and seduce him, and creates an RPG profile for him so he can befriend the suspects online—the figure she chooses for him is a model of Fabbri wearing only a towel. Eventually, he accepts that Rex can solve crimes and lets him stay; this came after Rex and Fabbri had brought down a prostitution and sex slave racket run by some illegal Chinese immigrants—Fabbri leaked the story to a journalist friend so that Rex was photographed on the front page of a newspaper. Accordingly, Brandtner's greeting to Graf alters from the formal "Guten Morgen" to the more familiar "Servus". While not chasing criminals, he often plays pranks on the officers or fails to obey orders to help with the housework. He also seems to have an uncanny instinct for sensing if a suspect is guilty or innocent, even without evidence. Rex. Davide Rivera replaces Fabbri as team leader in season 14. Morini is a colleague of Lorenzo Fabbri and they work on every crime together. Böck is also one of the few who question Rex's abilities as an elite police dog, but Moser keeps telling him that he has always been this way. Una volta selezionato, Reginald è partito con la sua nuova padrona e futura addestratrice, Teresa Ann Miller, alla volta di Vienna. Following Stockinger's transfer to Salzburg, Koch assists the team to reorganise the office. best dog ever! Many of the earlier episodes highlight the contrasting reactions of the policemen (especially Moser and Stockinger) and Graf to the death all around them. During the course of his investigation into this club, Moser begins to suspect Böck, but he turns out to be an undercover policeman making similar investigations.The two eventually combine to solve the relevant case, and Moser convinces Böck to transfer to his team. 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He seems to delight in telling stories about this surgery at the most inappropriate moments, such as when the others are about to eat. For Australian markets, season numbering was altered for airing on SBS, and this numbering was also used on the DVD sets, leaving some viewers confused as to how the European episode lists correspond with the Australian ones. 2,8 mil Me gusta. The beginning of season 12 shows that Rex survived the bullet, when Fabbri takes Rex to the animal hospital. Questo trucco funziona quasi sempre. best dog ever! Reginald von Ravenhorst 2020 - Biography at Wikipedia (Wiki, Age, Birthday) Reginald von Ravenhorst - actor Reginald von Ravenhorst was born on June 1, 1991 in Ingolstadt The obese Peter Höllerer is a constant source of comic relief in the series. This is very obvious in the last two episodes Stocki appears in, when he is upset that Rex jumped from one roof to another to capture a killer. Naturally he is quite comfortable in his lab, surrounded by dead bodies, even if others are not. Von 2007 bis 2015 wurde die Serie für die Rai mit Schauplatz Rom in italienischer Sprache, mit italienischen Schauspielern und ebenfalls mit einem Diensthund noch einmal komplett neu produziert. Reginald est mort à l’âge de 12 ans, en 2003. By the time of Brandtner's arrival, Böck's youth and athleticism have resulted in his frequently being involved in chasing criminals on foot. Brandtner is athletic and performs various physical stunts throughout the series, such as diving over car bonnets, engaging in fast-paced chases on foot and dives. He is also portrayed as being stouter, yet more muscular in comparison to Brandtner and Moser; in one instance he is shown doing various workouts. Morini does not realize that he has named his fish after his boss, so when Gori comes in he says his fish is called Filiberto. This team was also assisted by forensic expert Dr Leo Graf and retired policeman Max Koch. He … Richard Moser (Tobias Moretti, 1994–1998), Alexander Brandtner (Gedeon Burkhard, 1998–2001), Marc Hoffmann (Alexander Pschill, 2002–2004), Lorenzo Fabbri (Kaspar Capparoni, 2008–2012), Marco Terzani (Francesco Arca, 2013–2015), Ernst Stockinger (Karl Markovics, 1994-1996), Peter Höllerer (Wolf Bachofner, 1994-1999), Christian Böck (Heinz Weixelbraun, 1996-2001), Fritz Kunz (Martin Weinek, 1999-2004, 2008), Rex non deve finire: la serie di Rai 2 a rischio chiusura, scatta la petizione on line, "Rev. Rivera becomes a friend with Rex after the loss of Inspector Lorenzo Fabbri. Being a bachelor, Moser flirts with many of the attractive women featured in the storylines. Also included is an interview with producer/writer Peter Hajek and an hour-long dog-training segment featuring Rex and his trainer Teresa Ann Miller. Once when Moser is working undercover and needs to ensure Rex won't greet him. Prima di incontrare la strada del cinema, Reginald fa i primi passi nel mondo dell'addestramento. Motivo dell'uscita Reginald von Ravenhorst: Рекс и Леонардо Граф (актёр Герхард Цеманн) Появление: Конечная остановка — Вена (1994) Исполнитель роли: Санто фон Хаус Цигельмайер (1994—1997) Сокко фон Хаус Цигельмайер (1994—1997) Rex is frequently called upon to resolve difficult situations, including helping a young girl in shock, preventing a woman from committing suicide and helping to get Moser's mobile phone when a crime has been committed. For the DVD sets, seasons 1 to 8 have been re-arranged to seven longer seasons (the chronological episode order remaining unchanged), with the ninth and tenth season being labeled as "season eight". Moretti's looks were also exploited by the producers of the show. Anni 2003 (sepolto nel cimitero dei cani famosi in Germania). Initially, Rex and Moser share an apartment at Marokkanergasse 18, Wien-Landstraße, however the pair go house-hunting quite early in the series. The dynamic between Böck and Kunz forms an almost constant source of comic relief. One memorable telephone exchange involves Moser agreeing to pay Dr Graf a number of Cuban cigars for working on the weekend. It emerges early that Hoffmann had been taught forensic techniques by Graf, and it is clear that some of the awe felt by the considerably younger policeman for his mentor is still present. On his first appearance in the show, he dives into the Danube Canal to retrieve a vital piece of evidence, and later in his debut episode he parachutes from a light aircraft, along with Rex, in order to apprehend a suspect. At one point, when Fabbri is injured and is at home researching a murder related to role playing games on his computer, he asks for a gaming police officer to be sent to his house to brief him about computer game culture. In the final scenes of the season 4 episode "Moser's Death", Moser is killed in the line of duty by an escaped 'border-line psychopath' played by famous German actor Ulrich Tukur (Das Leben der Anderen) while Moser is rescuing his lover, Patricia Neuhold (a psychologist who has been helping with the case).

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